Welcome to Spilt Milk

This blog is about the day to day things of life. Just like spilt milk it’s the stuff that happens to me, to the world around me and thoughts about living on this very interesting and complex planet.

As the tagline says this is not my journal – usually – but from time to time it slips into journal mode.

Did I mention I love journaling. I wrote a book about it called Journaling for Personal Growth – A Place to Begin.

You can find details on my website at River of Hope Enterprises.

Latest Posts

Journaling Through Advent #6

Would hope look like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis?  Perhaps it would look like a rainbow after a spring storm or a phoenix rising from the ashes. 

Journaling Through Advent Day #3

As I sat to write about this segment of our journey, I wasn’t too sure what I was going to say.  Suddenly a hawk flew across my line of sight just feet away from my window. 


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