The Coyote Symbol

coyote-123As we were drinking our coffee this morning about 6:15 two coyotes went lobbing across the back of the field.  They certainly didn’t look like they were being chased but perhaps they were in pursuit of something.  At any rate they were lovely in my eyes.

A little while later, as I was driving, a deer wandered across the road ahead of me. By the time I got close she had slipped into the bush.

Seeing wildlife is always fun for me.  It brings me back to the earth and gives me a feeling of grounding.  It also reminds me of the native teachings about animal totems which I find fascinating.

When I was away last week we had a teacher of native tradition.  She also suggested the importance of the totems and of paying attention to them.

I’ve never been one for astrology because I don’t like messing with the future.  Totems though, seem a little different for some reason.  I think they are more an indicator of the present as well as tellers of personality traits.

Like all things that are signs I believe we need to be cautious and pay attention to that which resonates in our hearts and to what speaks to us about them.

When I read about the coyote totem today it talked about the “trickster” and also about new spiritual beginnings.  My response to that was about my day.  There is a spiritual path I want to take and one which will need some miracles.  Today however the path was blocked by a series of events which seem to make it impossible.

When I first read the information about the coyote my thought was I am being deceived into thinking the road is blocked for me and that truly I am on the verge of a new beginning.  What a read about the deer indicates safety and prosperity.  Both things I need to make this venture happen.

How can I read this sign?  There are likely a million ways to read it but the ones I felt in my heart at first blush are the ones I will take.  They are the positive signs.  The signs that fill my heart with hope.

The next time an animal or bird seems to make an impression on you pay attention to what it says in the totem about it and consider the wisdom of the ancients.

Note: If you decide to take a look at yours be sure to have your malewarebytes up to date and have Chrome Adblock on your computer.  One of the sites I looked at tried to infect my computer. (The trickster you may think).   The two below were safe.

Native American Totems (short version)

Native American Symbol


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