Faerie Day – You Haven’t Missed It

Fairy 2 There are two faeries in my garden who crouch under great leaves near the pond.  I put them there to encourage the others to visit and this week there is hope I might get a glimpse of the little creatures as they frolic in the summer dew.

Yesterday was apparently the official Faerie Day but other sources (besides Facebook) suggest it is supposed to be on the Summer Solstice or Midsummer’s Eve.  In Sweden though it will be celebrated Friday the 26th and in Finland the 27th so I think it really doesn’t matter because if you believe, you will see the faeries.

I grew up believing in faeries and who wouldn’t when Fairy Tales were part of every bedtime.  There were fairies who helped the shoemaker and his wife by making beautiful shoes and the wonderful Tinkerbell, who accompanied, Peter Pan (Mary Martin) on his journey to Neverland.  We had the tooth fairy who was faithful in delivering a dime for each tooth and the fairies cousins, the elves visited annually as well.

I don’t recall ever seeing fairies as a child in my own yard but there was a magical place called “The Barrett Estate” where my parents would go to lawn bowl on summer evenings.  As I darted in and out of the great trees on the lawn I was sure I saw them there too.  They were also sometimes visible at the home of my Grandfather on the Grand River in Caledonia.  I’m sure he sent out a welcome letter to them each time his grandchildren visited.

It is no accident, I’m sure, that the fireflies and the fairies arrived about the same time at the end of school year.  They must have lit the way for the fairies and just like the fairies it would be impossible to catch them unless you were very quick.

If I had any doubt about the existence of fairies it was vanquished by my Girl Guide leader Maureen Dodd, who told us great tales of faeries and leprechauns which she had personally witnessed in her Irish homeland. My own Gaelic blood will not allow me to believe it is not true.

When my daughter was home from Vancouver one time she was convinced it was the work of some nasty little Fairy 1faerie when her return ticket vanished from the house.  I was not sure if it was the work of fairies or of her little brother who really didn’t want her to go back.  None of us wanted her to go back but he especially.  Maybe he put the fairies up to the task.

At any rate this is this week that the fairies are supposed to be visible so find a magical place to walk in the long light of evening when the dew begins to fall and you will likely see their footprints even if you can’t find them.

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