Wipe Your Fear Away

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fear Factor.”

Fears Erased DailyImagine a place where you could go each day and write your fears and then, after examining them for a while, wipe away the ones which are not real fears at all.  I found this picture on the internet a few weeks ago and thought it would be wonderful if I could create a web site sight or app where people could go each day and write their fears and then have them wiped away.

“Fear not” may be easy words for an angel but for me, and likely for you, fear is a normal part of living.  Unfortunately, sometimes it gets in the way of true living.  Often in fact.

There are times when fear is a good thing.  It keeps us from doing things that are beyond us and from taking needless chances.  For example if we didn’t have any fear of traffic we might cross the road when a car is coming.   If we didn’t have some healthy fear about sharp tools, many more of us would be missing fingers.  Even fear about life’s big decisions is a good sort of fear.  That tension that fear adds can be healthy when it comes to figuring out whether to take a job or marry someone.

Then  there are the unhealthy fears.  The fears that go beyond truth.  Healthy fear makes us examine things.  Unhealthy fear makes us imagine issues which are not realistic.    Standing on the side of the road waiting for traffic to pass is the result of healthy fear.  Standing on the side of the road, being afraid to cross, when there is no traffic is the unhealthy variety.  When fear crosses into parnaoia then it become one of those fears which inhibits us rather than driving us.

When you are going to decide about which college to attend or which job to take that good fear will provoke good questions about your decision.  When it becomes a bad fear is when it is debilitating.  When you ultimately don’t go at all or chose a college for wrong reasons.

In short, Healthy Fear says, “You can do it! There are some things to watch for but you can do it.”  Unhealthy Fear says, “There are so many obstacles.  Not much chance of you being able to do it.”

I think of myself as rather courageous in many respects.  I have taken on things without even having to think twice about all the things that could go wrong.  I’ve moved far from home, taken strange jobs, tackled “the machine” when there were things happening around me which I could not tolerate.  Justice has always trumped fear for me, at least when it comes to other people’s rights and freedoms.

When I’m trying to take a stand for myself or trying to move toward something I want for my life those nasty fears often take over.  The fears that say, “You can’t do that”, “Who do you think you are to want that?”, “You are too old”, “You don’t have what it takes”.

Healthy fears, fear true danger. They fear for our health and well being.   Unhealthy fears, fear imagined danger.  They fear failure, humiliation and judgement of others.

I don’t have a magic, on line, blackboard where we can write our fears and then have them erased but I have a white board in my office where I can write my own each day.  Then erase them.  You might want to try it with one of those cheap little blackboards you can pick up.  It might even be a very good point for family discussion if everyone uses it.  An opportunity to support one another through the tough stuff.

If it’s hard to identify the fear ask yourself this, “What is holding me back from reaching my goals today?”  Write it down.  Examine if it is realistic or manufactured fear.  If it is real then look at what you can do to overcome the fear.  If it is imagined wipe it off the board.

Have a wonderful fearless sort of week.

About Peggy Guiler

You just never know what show up on my blog. As the name implies it is about the stuff of life just like Spilt Milk. Everyday events spark thought and contemplation. Special events in the community, the country or the world may strike a cord and get me talking. Sometimes it's about people in my life or circumstances, sometimes about my garden, sometimes about a book or a political issue. Always it's about something I am passionate about. In my business, River of Hope Enterprises (www.riverofhopeenterprises.com), I work as an "Certified Coach" (International Coach Federation), a trainer, consultant and speaker. and as a spiritual director. I also drive a school bus to keep the wolf from the door while I build my business. I love the kids on the bus (most of the time). My family is grown and I have three grandkids who thrill my heart but I don't get to see any of them very often. Circumstances of life have made "family" difficult. My son died by suicide at age 16 in 2000 and the strain on our family relationships since has been huge. Mental health is a field where I worked for almost 22 years and where I still do some consulting and training. That combined with my own battle with depression and my son's death weave together to form some of my greatest soap box items: suicide intervention, suicide bereavement and peer support in mental health are right on the top of my list. Social justice is an underlying passion. Keeping the wolf from the door as a single parent was full-time work and my career path as a journalists was augmented with cleaning contracts, cooking, retail clerk, and bartending. I have known hard work and am grateful for the experience and perspective it has given me. A firmly grounded faith and a passion for learning has now taken me toward a new field as a Spiritual Director and I am soon adding to that a license to marry people. As I move toward retirement I am very aware that I have to keep working so I chose to do things which will meet my modest financial needs and also my love of supporting people in their life journey. Woven into all of this is my love of writing. Trained as a Journalist, and having worked in the field as a freelance news writer for many years, I have a great love for writing. This blog is a new beginning for me. As I hone my skills and begin to form a daily discipline of writing I hope it will lead to more writing in the future.
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2 Responses to Wipe Your Fear Away

  1. Well said, Peggy. We need certain kinds of fear to keep us safe, but we can be distracted by those that undermine our self value. I like the idea of the blackboard to write down your fears then erase them. I may have to try that.

  2. Sandra says:

    Wow!!! I write notes in my phone about some fears like poetry … Maybe it’s time to delete them rather than dwell on them.

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