International Women’s Day – 110 Years

Womens-Day-Wishes-2018The celebration of this day, according to one source, began in 1908 on March 8, when women marched in New York City for the right to vote.  They won that battle nine years later in Canada and in 1920 in the US.  This year the suffrage continues with the #MeToo movement here and other movements similar to it around the world. Why?  Because it’s 2018 and we should.  W we represent over half of the world’s population.  We have to fight as if we are a minority but in fact we are not and it certainly way past time for things to change.

It is no small coincidence that this movement and the World Day of Prayer (Used to be Women’s World Day of Prayer) fall in the same week.  On Friday women around the world will open the doors of their churches to invite people in to pray for world issues, particularly concerning justice.

The colour to wear for International Women’s Day is apparently red but one of the great things about the women’s movement is that it represents your right to wear whatever you want to wear.  Women who are taking off their head scarves are standing with those who want to wear them because that is justice.  We should be able to wear whatever we want to wear without fear of punishment or harm.

On the eve of this year’s International Women’s Day I salute the women who have cleared the way for me to have more rights than ever before and the women who are strong enough to stand and fight for those who still lack.  I also salute the women in my own life who support me and who support one another even though we don’t always agree.  I give a wave and a moment of silence to the women of the past, both at the international and personal level, who have done so much to make this world and our lives the very best that they could.  They gave us the hope and the strength to continue to make this a world which not only cares about women but about all humanity.